Comotion Dance Center for the Arts
Comotion Dance Center for the Arts
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Kids Classes

Ages 6-12

From Ballet to Combo classes that delve into Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap dancing: We've got classes that will engage and excite your child while building their core strength, coordination, and rhythm!

Kids Ballet Class

Ballet Classes

Ballet is the foundation of all dance movement. No matter what study of dance your child branches into in the future, every dancer needs the core strength and technique they will learn in ballet. Every class will begin with proper barre, full center floor and across the floor movement which will allow them the technique to perform ballet gracefully.

Beginning Ballet 1 (Ages 6-9)
Beginning Ballet 2 (Ages 9-11)
Intermediate Ballet 1 (Ages 9-13)

Kids Combo Class

Combo Classes

These classes are either a combination of ballet and jazz, jazz and tap, or tap and hip hop.

In this age group we introduce jazz which is a great style that allows your student to use ballet technique they learned in baby class with the style and accent of high energy jazz movement.

Hip Hop
We also add hip hop in this age group. Hip hop like jazz builds on the ballet foundation, but allows your child the great creative expression through the popular music of today. Let your child try this edgy new style.

This completely American form of dance is classic with a twist. At this age dancers progress to use more challenging rhythms and patterns of steps. As tap has changed over the yearsIt has become more edgy and fun.

Jazz/Ballet Combo (Ages 6-8 or 7-9)
Ballet Tap Combo (Ages 6-8)
Tap/Hip Hop Combo (Ages 6-8)

We reserve the right to place any child by age, ability level and dance experience.

We reserve the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment.

Call 509-966-0676 for more information on classes and enrollment!