Comotion Dance Center for the Arts
Comotion Dance Center for the Arts
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Teen Classes

Ages 13-18

For teenage dancers, traditional Ballet and Pointe classes are offered, as well as more interpretive classes like Modern/Contemporary dance and Jazz/Hip Hop!

Teen Ballet Class

Ballet Classes

This class will continue the tradition of ballet in proper progression. The class will continue with more advanced barre exercises and challenging center floor activities. The combinations across the floor will strengthen your dancer's core, while proper placement and performance quality will be enhanced.

Intermediate Ballet 2 (Ages 10-14)
Advanced Ballet (Ages 13-18)

When a dancer wants to take ballet class to the next level, this is the class to add to your technique schedule. This 30 minute class will focus on developing skills on full pointe in addition to their flat ballet shoe work. Dancers must have years of ballet experience and be asked by the instructor to take the class when she has the strength and ability to do so. Along with that the student must be enrolled in at least 2supporting technique classes one of which must be ballet.

Pre-pointe (Ages 11-13)
Beginning Pointe (Ages 12-14)
Pointe (Ages 13-18)

Teen Modern/Contemporary Class

Modern/Contemporary Classes

Modern/Contemporary dance uses a combination of core ballet technique along with jazz accents. Students love this style of dance that let's them express themselves through interpretive movement.

Beginning/Intermediate Modern (Ages 10-14)
Advanced Modern (Ages 13-18)

Teen Jazz/Hip Hop Class

Jazz/Hip Hop Classes

These styles are fun energetic. Students get to dance to music they hear on the radio, to express a wide variety of movement. Dancers who enjoy jazz love pop and rock music and the joy of the accents. Students who love hip hop, love the style and begin able to look like a video star. Some classes are a combo of both styles.

Jazz/ Hip Hop- ages 9-12
Jazz/ Hip Hop- ages 13-18
Advanced Jazz- ages 13-18

Call 509-966-0676 for more information on classes and enrollment!